How Do I Stud My Bulldog Out?

A healthy litter of puppies is the ultimate goal when studding out your bulldog.
A healthy litter of puppies is the ultimate goal when studding out your bulldog. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

The wide head, large jowls and protruding lower jaw of the bulldog make it an unmistakable breed. Originally bred to attack and hold bulls during bull-baiting events, the bulldog has shifted from a vicious fighter to a gentle household companion. Studding out a proven bulldog is a way to pass on good genes and ensure happy, healthy puppies.

Complete registration papers on your stud dog. If your puppy comes from dogs registered with a reputable kennel club, such as the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club, fill in the puppy’s registered name, gender, color and date of whelping, and submit with the proper forms. Registering your puppy assures that puppies he produces with registered females are eligible for registration themselves, and are able to compete in sanctioned events such as conformation, agility and obedience.

Introduce your bulldog to intact females when he is approximately 4 months old. While it may seem useless, young stud dogs learn how to conduct themselves from mature females and will have fewer issues mating at maturity. Let him sniff, play with and explore the females, and don’t interfere if he attempts to mount them. The females will correct him, teaching him the proper signals for receptive and non-receptive breeding partners.

Show your bulldog to socialize him and make sure he is worthy of breeding. Judges trained in the bulldog standard will compare him to the ideal definition of a bulldog and determine whether your dog has conformation or temperament faults that should not be passed on to puppies.

Schedule your bulldog for a complete set of genetic tests after he reaches two years of age. Bulldogs are prone to hereditary conditions such as entropy, corneal disease, enlarged hearts, hip dysplasia and spina bifida, and your dog should not be bred if he tests positive for any genetic disease.

Advertise your bulldog for stud in national bulldog publications, dog show journals and breed clubs. List your dog’s name, registration number, health clearances and your contact information so that interested parties can contact you and discuss breeding their females to your male.

Write up a breeding contract, and have the owner of every female sign prior to breeding. The contract should stipulate your breeding fee, length of time the female will stay with your male, registration eligibility and guidelines for re-breeding in case the breeding doesn’t take the first time. You and the female’s owner should sign the contract, and both parties should keep a copy in the event of future disputes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wait until your dog is 24 months old to breed him. Many genetic diseases do not develop until your bulldog matures, and breeding him before he is tested may result in unhealthy litters. Your stud dog may need to service females multiple times. The bulldog's angular pelvis and short hindquarters make natural breeding difficult, and it may take repeated mountings before the female becomes pregnant.

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