How to Get Rid of Lily Beetles


Lily beetles, also called red lily beetles or lily leaf beetles, are approximately 1/2 inch long and a vibrant shade of red that is difficult to miss. They fly well and have no trouble moving from one plant to another. Lily beetles lay eggs and feed upon true lily varieties and can damage the foliage extensively if left untreated. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae begin to feed right away, often wreaking more havoc than mature beetles. Lily beetles can be removed by hand or eliminated through the use of insecticides.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex gloves
  • Container
  • Liquid soap
  • Neem-based insecticide
  • Imidacloprid insecticide
  • Eliminate adult lily beetles and larvae by dropping them into a container filled with soapy water. The larvae resemble slugs and are unpleasant to touch, so it's a good idea to wear latex gloves if you're squeamish.

  • Remove eggs from the bottom of leaves by hand. Eggs are arranged in neat rows and are light brown when first laid, but gradually fade to orange or red.

  • Treat affected plants with a neem-based insecticide to eliminate larvae and discourage re-infestation. Reapply every five to seven days to make sure that newly hatched lily beetles are eliminated.

  • Apply an insecticide containing imidacloprid if neem-based products prove ineffective. This insecticide is available in soil drenches, spray and fertilizer stake form.

  • Repeat steps as necessary if re-infestation occurs.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read package instructions carefully before using any type of insecticide.

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