How to Cancel Your Account on Freescore

FreeScore is an online service that provides your credit scores from all three credit reporting agencies. The company also provides a selection of other related services including credit monitoring, identity-theft consultation and Social Security reporting. As of 2011, FreeScore doesn't charge for providing credit scores; however, it does charge a monthly premium for its other services, which you are automatically signed up for when you become a member. If you've signed up with FreeScore, you have the option of canceling your account at anytime, including during the free trial period.


    • 1

      Access the FreeScore homepage and click the "Contact Us" link toward the bottom of the page. (See Resource 1)

    • 2

      Enter the requested information including name and member ID number on the "Contact Us" form.

    • 3

      Key in your request for cancelation in the "Comment" field. If you are still in the trial period, you will not be charged a membership fee. You may also request a refund of the $1 processing fee you were initially charged.

    • 4

      Call 800-316-8824 to request cancelation as an alternative to requesting online. You may also contact their customer service department to request cancelation at 888-241-0076.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can order a free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus once per year through, a government-mandated website.
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