How to Make Fire in "Minecraft"


"Minecraft" is a popular independently produced sandbox game released in 2011 for the PC. In "Minecraft," players gather resources, craft items, explore dungeons, construct buildings and battle enemy mobs. Because many valuable minerals in "Minecraft" only reside in deep underground area, players need plenty of light sources. Fire not only provides a long-lasting light source, but also can be used in traps and fireplaces. Fire is produced when flint is combined with iron.

  • Obtain flint. Flint can be acquired by mining gravel. Each gravel block has a ten percent chance to drop flint. To mine gravel more quickly, equip a shovel. Shovels can be crafted by combining two sticks with one other resource block, such as wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond.

  • Mine iron. Iron is a common resource underground and can be extracted with a mining pick. Mining picks can be crafted by combining two sticks and three other resource blocks, like wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond.

  • Right click on your furnace. To create a furnace, open your workbench and place eight stone blocks in your 3 x 3 crafting grid, leaving the center empty. Place your iron in the furnace with at least one fuel such as wood, sticks or lava. When the smelting process finishes, drag the resulting iron ingot from the furnace to your inventory.

  • Right click on your workbench. If you do not have a workbench, craft one by opening your inventory and dragging four wood blocks to the crafting grid, the 2 x 2 grid in the top right corner. Place one flint and one iron ingot in your workbench's crafting grid in squares 4 and 8, respectively. You will receive one "flint and steel." Place the flint and steel in your inventory.

  • Approach any block and right click the block with your flint and steel equipped to produce a fire. Fire can be placed on top of any block and on any side of flammable blocks, such as logs, wood, netherstone or leaves.

Tips & Warnings

  • Fire can spread quickly to nearby blocks. Make sure your fire is contained and isolated from other flammable resources.

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