How to Get to Rayquaza in "Sapphire"


In "Pokemon Sapphire," Rayquaza is one of the rare and legendary Pokemon you can catch. This Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon resides at the top of the Sky Pillar, a maze-like tower full of traps. Rayquaza is at level 70 when you find it, so only the strongest Pokemon teams stand a chance against it. Once you capture Rayquaza, you will have access to a few of the most powerful and devastating attacks in the game, such as Hyper Beam and Dragon Pulse.

  • Head to Pacifidlog Town. Walk to the beach and surf north towards the rocks.

  • Surf between the rocks until you reach another beach. Get out of the water and enter the Sky Pillar in front of you.

  • Walk through the first set of doors and then walk up to the second floor. Open your inventory and equip the Mach Bike.

  • Follow the path and do not stop moving. If you stop, the floor will break and you will fall; you will then have to return to the beginning of the tower and climb it again.

  • Go left. Avoid hitting the wall at the end of the path. Head north just as you approach the wall. Turn right at the next junction and ride through the door to reach the third floor.

  • Go through the hallway and walk through the door to reach the fourth floor. Steer your bike to the right slightly and head south. Go to the left and then go south again. Head left and then north.

  • Stop the bike on either of the cracked areas of the floor; this will cause you to fall to the third floor. Go straight and head through the door to enter a different area of the fourth floor.

  • Go up the stairs and head through the next two doors to reach the top floor, where Rayquaza awaits you. Walk up to Rayquaza and talk to it to make it battle with you. Fight it with an Ice-type Pokemon, if you have one; Rayquaza is very weak against Ice attacks. Capture it by throwing Ultra balls at it, as you would with any other high-level Pokemon.

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