How to Tie an E Collar

E collars help to keep your pet from licking or biting its wounds.
E collars help to keep your pet from licking or biting its wounds. (Image: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

An Elizabethan collar or E collar is used on dogs and cats with injuries to prevent the animals from licking the wound or biting the stitches. Excessive licking or biting will prevent the wound from healing and could lead to infection. E collars can be attached with ease in a couple of seconds, but your pet may not appreciate the collar. Standard issue E collars come in a hard plastic, but fabric or paper varieties are also available and may be more comfortable for your pet.

Things You'll Need

  • E collar
  • Dog or cat collar, piece of bandage or a piece of fabric

Roll the E collar into a cone shape. Slide the tabs from the right hand side into the slots on the left hand side. Thread the collar, bandage or piece of fabric through the slots on the narrow side of the cone.

Slide the collar over your pet's head. Ensure that the ears are not caught in the collar. If you cannot slide the collar over the head, undo the plastic tabs and uncurl the collar. Place the unrolled collar under your pet's head and curl it up into a cone shape. Secure the tabs around the head. You may need a friend to distract your pet during this process.

Tie the E collar once it is on your pet's head. If you threaded a collar through the slots on the narrow side of the collar, buckle it securely, but not too tightly. If you used a piece of fabric or a bandage, tie a bow around the neck. You must be able to fit your fingers between the E collar and the neck to ensure that it is not too tight.

Remove obstructions in your pet's path to minimize bumping. If your pet is very uncomfortable, remove the collar during times when you can supervise the animal. Ensure that your pet is able to sleep comfortably wearing the collar.

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