How to Put Arrows on a Sign in "Minecraft"


Set in a three-dimensional world populated only by the player, "Minecraft" requires its players to survive with nothing more than the clothes on their back and the world around them. The resources found in the world can create hundreds of different items, including signs. Signs can say whatever you want them to, and they can be especially helpful for directing other players on multiplayer servers. Directional signs will work best if you type arrows facing the direction of your attraction.

  • Right-click your crafting table, and fill the top two rows with wooden planks. If you do not have wooden planks, these can be crafted from logs.

  • Drag the crafted sign into your inventory.

  • Scroll through your inventory until you equip the sign.

  • Right-click the sign wherever you want to place it. A text box will appear.

  • Type your message, and press "Enter." This will move the cursor to the line below.

  • Type in the arrow so that is faces the attraction you are directing traffic to. For example, "<--" can make am arrow pointing to the player's right whereas "-->" will make a left arrow. Type "^" for an up arrow or "v" for a down arrow.

  • Click "OK" to finalize the text on your sign.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to change the text on a sign, destroy it and place it down again.

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