How to Punish a Puppy for Peeing on the Carpet

Housetraining is a crucial part of dog ownership.
Housetraining is a crucial part of dog ownership. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting part of pet ownership; however, many new pet-parents dread the house-training process that must be started immediately when a new dog enters into the home. It can be all too easy to lose your temper when your puppy squats on the floor to tend to the call of nature. Instead, use better methods to demonstrate to your puppy that using the living room floor for its toilet is not acceptable.

Catch your puppy in the act of eliminating. This is the best time to start to address the problem of peeing on the carpet. In a firm voice say to him, "No! No peeing inside!" Then pick him up and place him outside on a grassy area so that he can finish tending to the calls of nature. You may need to repeat this for a few weeks, but as long as you are taking him outside enough times a day, your puppy will quickly catch on to what is expected.

Discipline is less about punishment and more about education.
Discipline is less about punishment and more about education. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Finding little puddles or piles on your carpet can be very distressing. However, now is not the time to let your anger loose. Never drag your puppy over to it and yell at him while holding his nose into the mess. Instead, in a firm voice, address your puppy and tell him "No peeing inside, no!" Take the puppy outside right away, and encourage it to eliminate while you are out there. Running around, for example, often shakes things loose for a young thing.

Yelling at a puppy can damage his ability to trust.
Yelling at a puppy can damage his ability to trust. (Image: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Understand the fine line between demonstrating the difference between right and wrong and the difference between guidance and abuse. Puppies are very sensitive -- they are babies after all -- so it is important that you do not raise your voice to your young dog. Yelling, hitting, and other forms of abuse like rubbing his nose in it will only serve to damage your delicate relationship and trust levels with your puppy.

Watch your puppy for signs that he needs to go outside to eliminate. For instance, it might walk in circles sniffing the floor, or whimper and look confused. Take the puppy outside as soon as you start to see it demonstrating the signs of needing to go. Always take it out after meals, when it wakes up and after play time. Don't forget to praise him when he does do his business outside.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have a good stock of newspapers or puppy pee pads on hand while you are housetraining your dog.
  • Invest in enzymatic carpet cleaning products that can help to remove the smell of the urine from the carpet.
  • Consider incorporating a crate as a part of your house-training methods; crating is a very effective in teaching a puppy where it is and isn't appropriate to eliminate.
  • Don't smack your puppy on his nose or on his rump, as this can quickly lead him to associate pain and negativity with peeing.

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