How to Set Powerful Written Goals

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Each goal is a tiny flame; goal writing is striking the match.

The ability to create and implement goals is an essential technique to master, especially if you work from home. Goal setting is an ongoing process that requires a daily commitment. The key to developing powerful goals is to tap into your deepest desires and set your goals from that place. The following practice will combine the forces of your unconscious and conscious mind to develop goals from the place of your deepest desires.


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      Create a sacred space to think about your goals. Choose a quiet evening and clear a space that is comfortable, clean and makes you feel good. If you can't find a space like this inside your home, take a walk to a suitable outdoor space. Light a candle and some incense and take several deep breaths. As you breathe, feel yourself expanding energetically in and out. Allow your breath to totally relax you.

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      Draw circles, on a piece of paper, representing each of the following areas of your life: physical body and health, family, career, education, finances and creative expression and fun. Take time to reflect on each area and ask yourself two questions: What do I desire in this part of my life? How does this support the person I want to become? Write down your desires inside the circles.

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      Create between three and five specific and measurable goals for every area of your life. Create short, clear and attainable goals. Some examples could be, save $100 every month for the next year, lose 5 pounds over the next month or go back to school for a bachelor's degree.

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      Write out three action steps for every goal that can be taken to support the achievement of the goal. The most important part of setting goals is that you have a clear path in your mind leading to the achievement of each goal. Three steps for every goal will take time, but this is part of the process; outlining the detailed steps that are going to help you reach your goals is essential to successfully achieving them. Sit down with your calendar or planner and schedule time each day for the next three months for each of these action steps.

Tips & Warnings

  • Evaluate your progress at the end of one month. Look back over your calendar. How often did you accomplish your daily action steps? Adjust the next month's calendar accordingly and move on like this until your goals have been achieved.

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