How to Get Your Husky to Get Along With Your Cat

Some huskies may not get along with cats.
Some huskies may not get along with cats. (Image: Images)

Huskies and cats don't naturally get along. Unlike some dogs that just don't care about cats or even make friends with them, many huskies are natural hunters, prone to prey drive, meaning that they will chase after what they see is prey, which includes smaller animals that are not dogs. This includes cats.

If you have the ability to train your husky as a puppy, your success rate is likely higher than with an adult dog.

Even so, some huskies do eventually get along with cats, but it is a time-consuming training regimen that may never be completely successful. In cases like that, it is best to keep the animals separated and allow for "husky time" and "cat time."

Things You'll Need

  • Dog crate
  • Litter box
  • Cat scratcher
  • Cat bowls
  • Cat food and water
  • Cat crate
  • Rooms in house with doors
  • Baby/pet gates
  • Treats
  • Leash

Separate the husky and cat. Decide on the dog's room or crate and the cat's room, where it will stay when the other is loose.

Allow the husky to discover the cat safely for a week. Keep the cat in the room with litter box, food and water and scratcher. Huskies will get used to the cat's noises and smells through the door.

Let the cat out and put the husky in the dog room for a while. Allow the cat to roam to leave its scent in the house so the husky can become used to it.

Put the husky in a crate and allow the cat to roam loose and explore the house. Do this for several hours a day or overnight each day for a week or better. Return the cat to the safe room when the husky is out.

Place a baby gate or pet gate across the cat's door.

Introduce the cat and husky at the cat's room. Bring the husky to the cat's room and crack open the door.

Distract the husky from the cat with treats. Put your husky in a sit-stay and give the dog treats while the cat comes to investigate. Do this several times a day for a week.

Put your husky on a leash and release the cat. Distract your husky away from the cat using treats and gently correct him if he tries to chase the cat. Continue to do this for a week or more, crating your husky when you cannot watch him.

If your husky shows too much interest in the cat, continue with the training at the previous step until you see improvement.

Tips & Warnings

  • Training may take months, so be patient.
  • Always provide a vertical exit for your cat. Sofas, chairs, bookshelves, tables and dressers can all be used as an escape route.
  • Some huskies may not progress to the next levels. In that case, try a compromise of "cat time" and "dog time."
  • Never let your husky loose with your cat while unattended.
  • Never try to rush introductions.
  • Do not try this with a declawed cat. Declawed cats have no way to protect themselves.

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