How to Get to the Top of the Ghost Tower in "Pokemon FireRed"


The Pokemon Tower, located in Lavender Town, is a building containing the graves of departed Pokemon, laid down in a fashion that makes it difficult to find your way to the top. However, that's not all the tower holds: Rare items are scattered around the seven floors of the tower, along with Pokemon trainers, eager to test their skills in battle. In addition, Ghost-type Pokemon haunt the upper floors, giving you a chance to add new members to your team. At the top of the tower, you will need to foil a scheme by Team Rocket, an organization of thieves, to progress in the game.

  • Travel to Lavender Town and enter the tower, which is located on the east side of town.

  • Walk to the set of stairs on the right side of the entrance room.

  • Defeat your rival on the second floor. Your rival will have a team of five Pokemon. Each of his monsters will range from level 20 to 25. After you win, go up the stairs on the opposite end of the room.

  • Defeat the three Channelers on the third floor. Each trainer has a Gastly. The Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon is weak to Ghost, Psychic and Dark-type attacks. Normal, Fighting and Ground-type attacks will not affect it. In addition, on this floor and onward, expect to encounter wild Gastly, Cubone and Haunter. Go up the next set of stairs when you defeat the Channelers.

  • Battle three more Channlers on the fourth floor. They all use Gastly; however, one of them has a team of two. On this floor, you can find an Elixir, Awakening and Great Ball in plain sight. Advance to the next floor.

  • Defeat the four Channelers on the fifth floor. One of the trainers has Haunter, the evolved form of Gastly. Haunter shares the same weaknesses as its predecessor, so use the same attacks to knock it out. In the middle of the room, you can stand on the glowing area to heal the wounds of your Pokemon. Collect the Nugget and Cleanse Tag items before moving on to the next floor. If you have an Item finder, you can also locate a hidden Big Mushroom.

  • Knock out the three Channelers, who all use Gastly, on the sixth floor. You will find an X Accuracy and Rare Candy in plain sight, so collect those items for later. As you try to go up the next set of stairs, a level 30 Ghost Marowak will appear. As a Ground-type Pokemon, Marowak is weak to Water, Grass and Ice-type attacks, so use those elements to knock it out. You can’t capture this Pokemon, so don’t waste your PokeBalls.

  • Defeat the three Team Rocket members of the seventh floor. The first one uses a trio composed of two Zubat and one Golbat; use, Rock, Electric, Psychic or Ice-type attacks to knock him out quickly. The second member uses Koffing, which is weak to Psychic-type attacks, and Drowzee, which is weak to Bug Ghost and Dark-type moves. The final member uses two Zubat, a Rattata and a Raticate. Rattata and Raticate are weak to Fighting-type attacks. After you win, Mr. Fuji, a Pokemon caretaker, will reward you with the PokeFlute.

Tips & Warnings

  • Revisit the top floor of the tower after foiling Team Rocket to find the Soothe Bell item, which increases a Pokemon’s happiness points.
  • The above steps also apply to "Pokemon LeafGreen."

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