How Do I Do a Bullet Point on a Letter?

Avoid a scattershot approach to writing bullet points in letters.
Avoid a scattershot approach to writing bullet points in letters. (Image: Chad Baker/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Bullet points are an effective way to improve any business letter. Bullet points provide useful visual cues that help you communicate effectively with the reader. These bullets can set apart startling bits of information, highlight an unnumbered list, or lead a short summary of a key point you are advocating. Knowing when and how to insert bullet points into a letter may give you a better shot at winning over the reader.

Keep bullet points short and sweet. A bullet point should not be a paragraph, and it may not even be a complete sentence.

Maintain consistent tone, structure and grammar. Each bullet point should be uniform with the others. If you end a point with a period or exclamation mark, end them all the same way. Maintain the same verb tense and capitalization across all the bullet points, and each bullet should use the same character or graphical icon.

Group the bullet points together. Avoid treating bullet points like measles, to be scattered all over the face of your letter. Give the reader at least three distinct bullet points but not more than six. If you have less than three points, you should instead incorporate the bullet point into the body of the letter as a paragraph. If you have more than six, your letter will look less like a professional written communication and more like your grocery list.

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