How to Set Up a Good Booth

A well designed booth makes people feel comfortable.
A well designed booth makes people feel comfortable. (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Designing an effective and inviting booth for a trade show or other type of event is a key ingredient in attracting the attention of visitors. Among the most important considerations in a good design is that the booth must be easily accessible to passersby who want to examine your products and services more closely. Also don’t forget to create a comfortable space so that people will stay to look at what you are offering. Having a space where people can sit down to place orders or make purchases is another important consideration. With these elements in place, your odds of converting a visitor into a client just got better.

Use good, solid hardware for the structure of your booth. Any furniture, racks and shelves should be solid given that people may knock or lean against them. Clean up any rust, scratches, flakes or fading colors with new paint. Give your booth a new, fresh look every time you set it up. Ensure that any bracing for a roof or backdrop curtains is solid and will not collapse during the show.

Reassure people with clear, solid designs and color schemes throughout the booth. Create an eye-catching sign for your booth to attract attention. Design your sign and booth colors in a cohesive, color-coordinated manner. Feature your logo prominently so that people can see that some thought has been given to branding your product. Make sure that all your other signage, backdrop, furniture and product packaging fits into the color scheme you have chosen.

Light up your booth to make it clearly visible independent of exterior lighting conditions. Place the lights so that they do not shine towards anyone entering the booth. Keep them focused on your signage and your products. Avoid harsh lighting by creating an even, soft light throughout the booth. Take a walk outside your booth to see how it looks. Tape down or remove any electrical wiring so that it is out of sight. Ensure that any loose carpet edges are also taped down to avoid people tripping and falling inside your booth.

Make your booth a success by being well-dressed, attentive and friendly with people that stop by. Even a great looking booth can fail if the people operating it are incompetent. Do not leave your booth unattended.

Have lots of information at the ready and be prepared to provide any and all details about your business accurately and quickly. Information might include business cards and brochures that you can pass out to potential clients throughout the show.

Tips & Warnings

  • The more comfortable you make people feel with you and your products or services, the better the chances of making the booth a success.
  • Design your booth with a flow of traffic in mind. Do not create dead zones within your booth.
  • Utilize the allotted space as efficiently as possible in your design.

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