How to Keep a Husky Entertained

Huskies enjoy pulling a sledge.
Huskies enjoy pulling a sledge. (Image: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

The Husky is a working breed that was developed to live and work in a pack, pulling sledges long distances. Because of this, the Husky is an active dog with incredible stamina and a willingness to work. The Husky is also a social dog that does not like to be left alone, so it's important to provide your Husky with the exercise and mental stimulation he needs in order to live a happy life.

Things You'll Need

  • Doggy backpack
  • Toys

Take your Husky on an long walk or 20-minute jog every day. If your dog is not tired after a walk, introduce a specialized doggy backpack, which you can purchase online or from your local pet store. Place the backpack on your Husky before you set off on the walk. Fill the backpack with one or two items, such as small bottles of water. Walking with the extra weight will allow your Husky to feel as though he has a job to do.

Provide your Husky with a number of specialized dog toys. Rotate the toys you leave out for the dog to play with to keep the toys interesting. Put time aside to enjoy regular play sessions with the dog in your backyard to keep him entertained between walks. Include a variety of games including fetch and frisbee.

Enroll the dog in obedience training classes to provide your Husky with mental stimulation and to allow the dog to spend time in the company of other dogs. Continue training your Husky once he has mastered basic obedience by training him to do tricks, taking him to doggy dance classes or practicing agility training with him.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not over-exercise your Husky during hot weather, as its thick double-layered coat means that he can overheat easily.

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