How to Use Tiles As a Weed Barrier

Weed barriers prevent weeds from growing and greatly reduce the amount of labor needed to maintain a garden or landscape. Preventing weed growth ensures that your plants have plenty of room to grow and don't have to compete with unwanted weeds for sunlight, water and nutrients. Any material that blocks the sun and covers the ground can act as a weed barrier, but tiles are ideal because they add visual interest and a walking surface to the garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden rake
  • Garden hoe
  • Small stones or crushed rock


    • 1

      Pull up all the weeds from the area you wish to use tiles as a weed barrier.

    • 2

      Smooth the soil surface with a garden rake or hoe to settle any soil that was disturbed when you pulled weeds.

    • 3

      Place the tiles directly on the soil in any pattern that you desire. Place them as close together as possible for maximum effectiveness.

    • 4

      Tamp the tiles down lightly so fix them into position. You don't need any special tools -- tapping them with your hand or foot is sufficient.

    • 5

      Fill in the gaps around the tiles with small stones or crushed rock to prevent weeds from growing between the tiles. Ideally, the gaps should be minimal, but the crushed rock is extra security against stones.

Tips & Warnings

  • The tiles can double as stepping stones for your garden in addition to their intended purpose as a weed barrier.
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