How to Catch a Pikachu in "Pokemon FireRed"


Unlike in the anime, where Ash Ketchum's first Pokemon is a Pikachu, players aren't able to pick a Pikachu at the start of "Pokemon FireRed." Don't lose hope, though -- you can still capture one of the electric mice for yourself not too far from the start of the game. Only two locations in "FireRed" and "LeafGreen" house wild Pikachu: Viridian Forest and the Power Plant.

Finding a Wild Pikachu

  • Viridian Forest is the first place you'll enter after leaving Pallet Town, but the odds of finding Pikachu are a mere 5 percent. The better bet is going to the Power Plant on Route 10, available after Lavender Town; here, Pikachu account for 25 percent of wild Pokemon encountered. When fighting the critter, avoid knocking it out completely; get its health bar to appear red and throw a Pokeball to capture it.

Gaining the Advantage

  • Like with any Pokemon, it helps to use sleep and stun effects to make it harder for a captured Pikachu to escape. Using more powerful Pokeballs also greatly improves your chances, such as using an Ultra Ball. As tempting as it might be to use the Electric-type's weakness, Ground-type, against Pikachu, you don't want to accidentally defeat it; Ground-types can easily take out Electric-types several levels above them. Similarly, avoid using Water-types since they'll fall to Pikachu's attacks.

Capturing Lower-Level Pikachu

  • Although it's rarer to find a Pikachu in Viridian, you'll notice they're lower level than the Power Plant Pokemon, which can give you an advantage. The earlier you capture a Pikachu, the more effort value (EV) points you'll earn as it levels up; in Pikachu's case, it'll earn two speed points every time it levels. This means a Pikachu captured at level 10 will have 20 more speed points by level 20, but one captured at level 20 won't have that initial bonus.

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