How to Convert Double to Int in Java


In addition to allowing programmers to define any class they need, the Java programming language has built-in support for some simple numeric and string types. Those types include "int" for integers and "double" for double-precision, floating-point numbers. You can convert a double value to an int; however, because that implies losing information -- the fractional part, that cannot be represented by an int -- this conversion must be explicitly coded in your program.

  • Store the double value in a variable of class "double" as follows:

    double inputValue = 3.14159;

  • Declare an int variable to hold the result of the conversion:

    int outputValue;

  • Call the library method intValue() to perform the conversion:

    outputValue = Double.intValue(inputValue);

    Variable "outputValue" will hold the truncated (that is, rounded down to the nearest integer) value of "inputValue."


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