How to Rig a Frog Lure


Lily pads, bulrushes and other heavy cover that grows in shallow water is what many people picture when they think about bass fishing. Indeed, while bass live in water of all depths, they primarily are shallow-water critters and heavy cover is their main domain. Anglers who fish shallow, heavy cover must use heavy equipment and the right techniques to catch bass. One of the best lures for doing so is a weedless plastic frog, a topwater lure that can draw hard strikes from bass.

Things You'll Need

  • Rod and reel
  • Fishing line
  • Select a 6.5- or 7-foot, heavy-action rod and reel combination. Attach to the rod a reel that is loaded with 15- to 20-pound test fishing line.

  • Find the metal eye that protrudes from the head of the weedless plastic frog. This eye will be present if you are using a frog that comes pre-rigged with hooks. Tie a Palomar knot to connect the frog to the fishing line.

  • Attach a size 3/0 to 5/0 hook to the fishing line if the frog does not come pre-rigged with a hook.

  • Rig the frog so it is weedless on the hook, or Texas style. Insert the point of the hook into the head of the plastic frog and push it down 1/4-inch. Push the hook point out the bottom of the lure. Push the head of the frog up the shank of the hook so it is slightly below the eye. Turn the hook so the point faces the lure. Push the point of the hook into the bottom of the frog and press it upward until it is just below the surface on the top of the frog. Push the head of the frog forward, so it is tight against the eye of the hook, and so the entire lure is straight on the hook.

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