How to Attract a Cat


Cats were first domesticated by the ancient Egpytians in about 4,500 BC, according to the Simple Pet Care website. Nowadays, people still keep cats to help ward off vermin or for company. Enticing felines into a home requires little more than patience and a few store-bought accessories.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat food
  • Catnip
  • Animal recordings
  • Lay down some cat food. Reduce the chance of unwanted animals eating the food by only putting it out in the evening and morning when cats are most active. Avoid meat products that will tempt vermin.

  • Replicate the call of animals that cats prey on. According to the Fox19 website, cats respond to the sounds of local birds. Cats are naturally inquisitive, so playing a recording of birds is likely to attract a cat's attention and encourage them to seek out its source.

  • Apply catnip oil to the area you want cats attracted to. Alternatively, dried forms of the herb can be bought from pet stores. According to the Our Herb Garden website, the smell of catnip is attractive because of its similarity to that of the pheromones produced by cats of the opposite sex. Not all cats react to catnip however. According to the Feline Advisory Bureau's website, only cats with one or both copies of the autosomal dominant gene will be susceptible.


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