How to Catch Deoxys in "HeartGold"


Deoxys is one of legendary Pokemon that you will need to obtain in order to complete your Pokedex in "Pokemon HeartGold." Unfortunately, Deoxys is not attainable through normal gameplay. Unless you trade with someone who already has a Deoxys or transfer one from a copy of "Pokemon Ruby," "Pokemon Sapphire" or "Pokemon Emerald," the only way to catch Deoxys is through the use of a hacking device such as an Action Replay. You can also obtain Deoxys through trade or through the Pal Park.

Things You'll Need

  • Action Replay

Action Replay

  • Place the "Pokemon HeartGold" game cartridge into the Action Replay device and insert the device into your Nintendo DS.

  • Turn the DS on and enter the following cheat at the cheat screen:

    52247dac 582000c0

    12247daa 00004801

    02247dac e0021c39

    02247db0 00000182

    d2000000 00000000

  • Start the game normally and make your way to any patch of grass. Walk into the grass. After a few steps, you will be attacked by a Deoxys.

  • Weaken the Deoxys and use any Pokeball to catch it.


  • Find someone who has a Deoxys on her copy of "Pokemon Diamond," "Pokemon Pearl," "Pokemon Platinum, "Pokemon SoulSilver" or "Pokemon HeartGold."

  • Make your way to any Pokemon Center; have the other person do the same. Go to the second floor of the Pokemon Center.

  • Speak to the trade attendant at the far right of the second story. Select "Trade" to initiate the trade. Have the other person do the same.

  • Select the Pokemon you wish to trade and press "Confirm." Have your partner select Deoxys and press "Confirm." The trade will then commence. After the trade is ended, Deoxys will be in your party.

Pal Park

  • Insert a "Pokemon Sapphire," "Pokemon Ruby," "Pokemon Emerald," "Pokemon FireRed" or "Pokemon HeartGold" game cartridge containing Deoxys into the cartridge slot of your Nintendo DS.

  • Travel to Pal Park on Route 221. Talk to the attendant to begin the Pal Park process.

  • Select six Pokemon you wish to transfer from the Game Boy Advance game to the Nintendo DS game. Make sure Deoxys is one of them.

  • Complete the Pal Park mini-game by capturing all six Pokemon. Once you have completed the mini-game, Deoxys will be in one of the boxes in your PC.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using an Action Replay to alter your game file can potentially result in the loss of your game data.

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