How to Draw a Bush Step-by-Step


Drawing a bush is an essential skill for any artist who wants to draw landscapes or sketches that contain elements of the outdoors. Bushes are one of the easiest natural elements to draw. Even a beginning artist will have no trouble mastering them, and with a little practice, you can apply the same skills used to draw bushes to other forms of plant life.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Eraser
  • Draw the base of your bush first. Use brown as the outline color of the base of the bush. Draw two vertical lines side by side. Set the lines apart however far you want them, depending upon how big you want your bush to be. The lines will represent the base of your bush and should be short, as if you are drawing a stubby version of a tree trunk.

  • Draw the first line of the bush beginning on the left side of the two vertical lines. The line should extend out away from the base of the bush. Extend it as far as you want, depending upon how large your bush needs to be and what else you will include in your finished sketch. Draw this line wavy and bring it all the way over the base you drew to attach it to the opposite side you started on. The wavy lines should be subtle to show the uneven characteristic of a bush.

  • Sketch a few short, broken lines inside your bush that will show through once you add color. These will be the branch structure that will appear through the bush itself. Color over this with green pencil. Apply the color in swirls or with a sharp side-to-side motion to give the bush a textured look.

  • Color the base brown. This is the trunk the bush grows on. Add a few lines of black colored pencil for a textured look, then blend a little black inside the green of the bush to add variation to the color. Gently smudge the black to blend it with the green of the bush and give it more blended appearance.

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