How to Demand Respect From Others


It is important to be treated with respect by other people, especially in working situations. If you want people to take you seriously and value your opinions and what you stand for, then you have to make a point to get the respect that you deserve from them. Take control of your situation and command and demand respect from the people in your life!

  • Have self-confidence. In order to influence people to respect you, it is important for you to first respect and believe in yourself. Respect can be infectious. If you feel positively about yourself and what you are doing, that will encourage other people to feel the same about you. Be aware of yourself and what exactly it is that you represent, which will help you exude inner confidence and strength.

  • Carry yourself with strength. In order to demand respect, practice strong body language. When communicating with others, convey the message that you are important and valuable. Look others directly in the eye when speaking to them. Stand with straight posture. Speak in a firm and clear tone. Carry yourself with pride and avoid meek behaviors, such as muttering, fidgeting, staring at the ground and avoiding eye contact.

  • Include other people. To command respect from people, make them feel like they are on your team and working with you instead of against you. When you speak to others, use language such as "we" and "us" instead of "I" and "me." The more inclusive your attitude with people, the stronger influence you will have over them -- and that will encourage them to respect you more.

  • Be prepared at all times. In order to gain respect from others, walk the walk and talk the talk. Set a good example. Command respect by always being prepared for all of your endeavors, whether for a presentation at a meeting or a conference call abroad. A person that is poorly organized and lacks control will have a hard time earning anyone's respect or time.

  • Speak your mind. To demand respect, stand up for yourself. Do not be a passive person who just accepts everything even if he thinks it is unjust or unfair. Do not be afraid of confrontation. If someone behaves in a disrespectful way towards you, voice your feelings to them in a calm and rational manner. Avoid being aggressive and simply tell them how their behavior made you feel. Chances are, they will not repeat the same behavior again in the future.

  • Treat everyone equally. No one likes a person that plays favorites. Behave in the same open and friendly manner to everyone around you, whether it is your boss or an intern fresh out of college. If you behave in a just and fair way to everyone, it will likely encourage them to be more productive and work at their full potential, instead of making them feel resentful towards you.

Tips & Warnings

  • In some cases, you just can't win. Purely disrespectful people exist, and there isn't much you can do to change them. If possible, try to surround yourself with positive individuals that have a respectful attitude and who won't drag you (and everyone else) down along with them.

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