How to Roll Your Hips


A hip roll can be both an exercise and a dance move. As an exercise, the movement helps increase core strength and is performed while lying on your back. In dance, a hip roll is done while standing. This basic dance movement is popular in belly dancing, but can be incorporated into any genre or routine. Both types of hip rolls use your abdominal muscles to manipulate the movement of your hips and pelvis.

Hip Roll Exercise

  • Lie down on your back and rest your arms on the floor beside you.

  • Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and raise your legs toward your stomach until your knees are pointing straight up to the ceiling.

  • Move your knees from left to right in a slow and fluid motion, going as far as you can without any pain or discomfort. Keep your lower back and arms touching the floor.

Dance Hip Roll

  • Stand straight and move your pelvis forward, aligning it over your toes. Accentuate the movement by flexing your glutes and your abdominal muscles.

  • Move your pelvis circularly around your body, hitting positions to your side and back. Imagine you are tracing a very tiny hula-hoop around your waist.

  • Stop your hip roll after only tracing one half of your imaginary hula-hoop and bring your pelvis back to neutral. Repeat the movement on the other side, again starting with your hips to the front.

  • Complete a full hip roll by circling your hips all the way around your imaginary hula-hoop. For a partial hip roll you only move your hips side to side, starting by jutting your pelvis out to the left, bringing it back to a neutral pose, and then popping it out to the right. Your hips should be higher when you push them to the sides then when they are in neutral.

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