How to Stop Lag on "Call Of Duty 4"


If you want to truly enjoy all that "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" has to offer, then you are going to need an Internet connection. Playing online and enjoying the experience can be two different things entirely. One frustrating aspect is the issue of lag. A bad case of lag can ruin how your game looks and runs. There are, however, a few steps you can take to reduce this problem.

Stopping PC Lag

  • Turn off all unnecessary background programs. Running other programs such as an Internet browser or media player could cause your computer to lag when playing online.

  • Turn off your anti-virus software. Anti-virus software does protect your computer but it also uses up processing speed. While this does put you at risk of viruses, you shouldn't have to worry about catching them as long as you avoid shady servers and keep your Internet browser and other Internet-connected programs off.

  • Select a server with the lowest ping. Playing on a server with a high ping will cause you to lag.

  • Call your ISP and ask to upgrade your service. The faster the Internet you subscribe to, the lower your lag will be.

  • Upgrade your graphics card. If you have an old graphics card, it may not be able to run CoD4 smoothly.

Stopping Cod4 Lag Via Graphics Modifications

  • Start CoD4, scroll down and click on the "Options" menu.

  • Click on "Graphics."

  • Click on "Ragdoll," "Shadows," "Bullet Impacts," "Soften Smoke Edges" and "Depth of Field" and switch them from "Yes" to "No." All of these are optional graphics options which make the game look prettier but can also cause lag, especially if you are using a lower-end graphics card.

  • Click "Apply" once you have finished changing your settings.

Stopping Lag on Consoles

  • Ensure that no other devices are connected to or using your wireless Internet connection. If your wireless connection is supporting multiple devices, it could cause lag.

  • Connect your console into your router via an ethernet cable. Connecting straight to your router through an ethernet cable can eliminate the lag caused by being on a wireless connection.

  • Reset your modem. Unplug it for 10 seconds and then plug it back in and test your connection.

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