How to Get the Magus Sisters in "FFX"


With their advanced magic and potent offensive capabilities, the Magus Sisters are some of the most powerful aeons in "Final Fantasy X." Once you've earned their services, you can summon Cindy, Sandy and Mindy Magus to aid your characters during battle. The sisters work as a group, combining powers to defeat the toughest of enemies.

You can find the Magus Sisters at Remiem Temple, a hidden sanctuary near the Calm Lands. To unlock their holding chamber, you'll first need to acquire two other aeons and two key items.

  • Obtain the aeon Yojimbo at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Find the cavern by going beneath the bridge just north of the main area of the Calm Lands. Make your way through the cavern and you'll fight Yojimbo near the halfway point of the area. After the battle, head to the teleport pad at the end of the cavern. You will transport to Yojimbo's Chamber of Fayth. Speak with him and purchase his services.

  • Obtain the aeon Anima at Baaj Temple. To find this hidden area, choose "Search" from the airship's navigation menu, then input the coordinates. Set the x-axis between 69 and 75 and the y-axis between 33 and 38. Press the "X" button to confirm and you will be able to reach Baaj Temple. Once you're there, head to the end of the walkway and jump in the water. Swim toward the underwater door and you'll have to fight a boss. After the battle, enter temple through the passageway. To gain access to Anima's chamber, activate all six statues in the room.

  • Acquire the Blossom Crown. You can obtain this key item from the man at the Monster Arena to the east of the Calm Lands. He will give you the Blossom Crown as a prize for capturing all 12 monsters in the Mount Gagazet area. Search the entire mountain to find every type of monster --- don't forget to look underwater.

  • Go to the Calm Lands and speak with the chocobo trainer. If you haven't spoken with her before, she will be in the northwest section of the area. Otherwise, she will be nearby when you enter the Calm Lands. Complete her chocobo training exercise and she'll let you ride a chocobo. Take your chocobo to the southeast corner of the Calm Lands and examine the chocobo feather on the ground. You will jump to the hidden exit that leads to Remiem Temple. Dismount, exit the area and enter the temple. The summoner Belgemine will be inside.

  • Obtain the Flower Scepter by defeating Belgemine's aeons. After speaking with Belgemine, you can engage each of her aeons in battle. After you defeat Bahamut, Belgemine will give you the Flower Scepter as a prize. With this final key item, you can unlock the chamber and acquire the Magus Sisters.

Tips & Warnings

  • To acquire Yojimbo at a cheaper price, answer his question with the third option.
  • You can only activate the statues in Baaj Temple after you've collected the Destruction Spheres from all the other temples. If you've missed one, you can revisit the temple by way of the airship.
  • If you haven't tried monster hunting before, speak with the man at the Monster Arena to get started. You can buy special weapons from him. Before you can collect all the monsters at Mount Gagazet, the man will first ask you to collect the monsters in the Calm Lands.

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