How to Find the Equation of a Line Using a TI-84 Graphing Calculator


In mathematical terms, the equation that represents a graph line is expressed as "Y = AX + B." If you have graphed a line on your TI-84 graphing calculator, you don't actually have to perform separate mathematical equations in order to find the equation that represents this line. You can find the equation of a line on your TI-84 in just a couple of button-presses.

  • Press "Stat" on your TI-84 calculator.

  • Select the "Calc" option.

  • Choose the "LinReg" (short for "Linear Regression") option on screen.

  • Select the "Enter" key. This will provide you with the values for "A" and "B" in the line you graphed on your calculator.

  • Plug the numbers you just calculated into the "y= ax + b" equation. For example, if the TI-84 told you that "A=50" and "B=20", the equation that represents the line would be "y= 50x + 20."


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