How to Get More Acquainted With a Girl


Sometimes getting better acquainted with somebody can be difficult, especially when you feel a little nervous and intimidated around that person, or if you're naturally a little quiet and shy. It's always worth trying to learn more about a person, as every bit you learn opens new doors for communication and interaction. Fortunately there are a number of ways to get the ball rolling when you're trying to deepen your relationship with a new girl.

  • Meet her friends. Even if a girl is shy and quiet, she will often open up a lot more around her close friends, potentially revealing more of her real personality than she'd otherwise feel confident enough to show. If it's difficult to get her talking in an open and relaxed manner, consider trying to make contact with her when she's with a group of friends. Although it can be harder to maintain a long conversation when she's around her friends, it might still be a good time to discover shared interests that you can later bring up in one-on-one conversation.

  • Listen carefully. Not enough of us appreciate the art of listening, and instead our nervousness can stop us from pausing and really absorbing what another person is saying. Practice some fundamentals about becoming an active listener; ask specific questions, adjust your language a little to suit the girl's speaking style, and remember small details for future conversations. This can help make her feel more relaxed and respected, and can build a sense of trust.

  • Show interest and enthusiasm in the conversation. Avoid appearing distracted, or displaying closed body language. Keep eye contact steady, and avoid the urge to check your phone or look at your watch; if she feels that she doesn't have your full attention, she may not feel confident enough to open up and reveal more about her personality.


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