How to Wheelie on a Fixie


Fixed gear bicycles, know as fixies for short, are bicycles whose pedals must turn for the wheels of the bike to be in motion. While fixed gear bicycles provide a unique challenge when attempting to perform tricks, they are still usable for eye-pleasing techniques. A basic bike trick to perform is the wheelie, where the rider pulls the front tire up off the ground. It's also a useful skill that allows a rider to safely clear small obstacles.

  • Pedal forward and go at a comfortable speed. It is important to be in motion. However, you do not need to travel at full speed while just learning the trick.

  • Position the pedals so one foot is forward and one back, at approximately 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Pick the forward leg you use for reasons of comfort, as some riders are more comfortable with their dominant leg forward while others prefer it back. Try the stunt both ways, then practice what is most comfortable.

  • Stand up off the seat. Your legs should remain slightly flexed, and all your weight is supported by the legs.

  • Shift your weight back onto your rear leg, so your weight is slightly behind the seat.

  • Press down on the pedal with your front foot.

  • Lift up on the handle bars to bring the front wheel slightly off the ground, then gently lower the tire back down.

  • Increase the height you raise the bike off the ground gradually, until you are comfortable performing a full wheelie, and ride with the wheel off the ground.

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