How to Stay Awake When Writing a Paper


With the many demands placed on modern day college students, it seems sleep is a necessity that has been given low priority. There are college students who are juggling a full load of classes, a full-time job and sometimes even their own families. While it may be difficult to find the energy and concentration to write that monotonous paper, there are some practical ways to help students stay awake without having to resort to the use of caffeine or energy drinks.

  • Move around. When you feel your mind beginning to fade, stand up and take a short walk around your home or the neighborhood. The movement will get your oxygen flowing and consequently your energy level will be boosted.

  • Keep the temperature down. If you try to warm up with the heater, you are creating the perfect sleeping environment. Conversely, it will be difficult to fall asleep in a room in which your body temperature is slightly uncomfortable.

  • Drink plenty of water. When the human body is properly hydrated, blood circulation improves and energy levels increase.

  • Look away from the computer monitor. Allowing your eyes to stare at a monitor without a break can lead to further exhaustion and weariness. Take the occasional break from your hard work and look at something else for a few minutes.

  • Eat a nutritious snack. Resist the temptation to consume excessive amounts of caffeine, or snack on sugary treats. These less than healthy options may provide you with some short term energy, but will ultimately end in a worsened state of exhaustion. A healthy snack such as a banana or apple will provide you with vitamins and minerals. In addition, you will fill yourself with good carbohydrates that will help boost your energy level.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make it a priority to get enough sleep at night. This will help ensure that you have the energy you need during the day to accomplish all your goals. Consider giving something up in the evening, such as television time, to get a little more sleep. In addition, taking care of your body physically and nutritionally will help provide you with the stamina you need to do daily tasks, including the writing of papers, with greater ease and enthusiasm.

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