How to Make a Bunny in Text Form


Texting on your cell phone or typing on your computer doesn't solely have to consist of letters and numbers. With a little creativity, you can come up with cute emoticons that are made up of symbols or other characters on your keyboard. Wish someone a Happy Easter or just send them a little hopping bunny to brighten up their day. Sending a text bunny will be a surprise in someone's inbox that may give her the little smile she needs to get through a rough day.

  • Create the bunny's ears. You will do this by typing a left parenthesis, followed by a backslash, and repeat that. The ears will look like this: ((.

  • Type the bunny's head underneath the ears. You will need to type a left parenthesis, a space, a small line, a period, another small space and then a right parenthesis. The bunny's head will look like this: ( -.- ).

  • Make the bunny's tail and feet to finish your text rabbit. To complete your bunny, you will need to type a capital letter O, a long line or underscore, and two quotation symbols inside parentheses. Do the quotation symbols inside two separate parentheses to look like rabbit feet: O_(")(")


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