How to Become a Mountain Man


As any outdoorsman will tell you, surviving in the wilderness requires expertise and experience. Recreational campers often bring countless amenities including starter logs, matches, purified water and pre-made food items. Mountain men, on the other hand, use their surrounding environment as a source of shelter and nourishment. Just because you forgot your matches doesn't mean you can't start a crackling campfire.

Things You'll Need

  • Flint rock
  • Carbon-steel pocket knife
  • Locate an ideal campsite that features a level terrain. Remove any large rocks or pieces of debris to avoid injury. Dig a hole in the ground with a diameter of 3 feet.

  • Gather small twigs, dried moss and bark. Place the tinder bundle into the base of your firepit. Hold a small piece of flint rock in your non-dominant hand with your pocket knife in the other.

  • Align the pocket knife and flint rock over the tinder bundle. Rub the dull edge of the knife blade down the length of the flint rock. Repeat the process to show sparks over the tinder pile.

  • Blow on the tinder pile gently as it begins to smoke. Place larger sticks over the tinder bundle as it bursts into flame. Add even larger sticks and logs to create a blazing campfire.

  • Dip a metallic container into a stream. Allow the logs on the fire to burn down into hot coals. Align the metallic container over the coals to allow the water to boil.

  • Let the water cool for at least an hour before drinking it. Gather edible plants from the surrounding area including blueberries, wild leeks and an aromatic plant known as garlic mustard. Sleep under the cover of trees to keep dry during the night.

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