How to Get Scyther on Pokemon LeafGreen


Scyther is an extremely rare Pokemon and can only be found in one area of the "LeafGreen" game. It is much more common in FireRed and trading for it might be the quickest way to get one. Because the catch rate for this particular Pokemon hovers just below 5% it is recommended that you have a master ball on hand to catch it with. This is the only way to guarantee a catch once the ellusive Scyther is found.

  • Enter the Safari zone in the northern part of Fucshia City. It will cost you $500 and you only have 600 paces or 30 safari balls to use to catch the Scyther.

  • Throw food to distract the Scyther before trying to capture it with a safari ball as no other balls work in the safari zone.

  • Throw several safari balls at the Scyther while it is distracted. It could take as many as 20 to catch it. If you run out of steps or use up all of your Safari balls you will be teleported back to the entry gate.

  • Repeat steps 1-4 until you have captured your Scyther.

Tips & Warnings

  • Scyther can only be obtained in "LeafGreen" after the entire National pokedex is completed. Before this time you will only be able to catch Pinsir. If you haven't caught every available Pokemon but still want to get a Scyther in "LeafGreen" you will need to trade it from another game.
  • You can also purchase the Scyther from the corner shop in Celadon city.

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