How to Make Your Own Nerd Glasses


Instead of buying real eyeglasses for that classic nerd look, make your own from inexpensive sunglasses -- or even cardboard. Customize the look with pieces of white tape or washi tape for an extra geeky touch.

Simplicity: Sunglasses to Nerd Glasses

Purchase an inexpensive pair of sunglasses that fit your face well; a dollar store pair of shades is perfect. Look for glasses that have a classic nerdy frame shape, similar in style to Ray-Ban Wayfarers, or go for your own version of the ideal nerdy look in black or any color you prefer. Press each lens out of the glasses by holding the frame securely in one hand and pressing the lens outward from the inside of the frame. For an extra touch, place a thin piece of masking tape, white tape or washi tape around the bridge of the nose or along one or both hinges, as if you've made repairs to the glasses in thrifty nerd fashion.

Cardboard Creations

Make your own nerd glasses from scratch out of card stock or corrugated cardboard, using a printed template or by drawing the glasses freehand. If you have a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses handy, trace the basic shape of the front of the glasses onto paper to help create your own template. Trace the template onto card stock, making the sides or the arms of the glasses stick straight out from the front of the frame. Alternatively, cut the arms out separately and use tape to secure them to the glasses. Cut out the area that would normally contain glass or plastic using the tip of a craft knife to start the hole; then finish the job with scissors. Paint or color the frames with permanent markers to complete your homemade nerd glasses.

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