How to Figure Out Your Class Rank Percentile


Applying to college or graduate school can create stress over ensuring that your applications are filled out on time and to the best of your ability. Schools base their admissions on the quality of these applications and the abilities of the students who submit them. Schools almost always require class rank so that they can see how the applicant fared academically in comparison with his peers.

  • Find out the number of people in your class and what your numerical rank is among your classmates.

  • Divide your numerical rank by the total number of students. If you are ranked 32nd among the 350 students in your class, for example, 32/350 = 0.0914.

  • Convert the decimal into a percentage by multiplying it by 100. Multiplying 0.914 by 100 results in 9.14, so, rounded off, you are in the top 9 percent of your class. Another way of saying that is that you rank in the 91st percentile.


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