How to Write a Java Application Program That Prompts a User to Input One After the Other


Java applications commonly rely on user input in order to operate correctly. A program may prompt the user to input his name and password before loading. You can make a program that does this by prompting the user to input text using the console. Once the user name is entered, another prompt appears and asks for a password. You can prompt for many things, one after the other, using the same technique. Java makes this easy by providing built-in libraries for handling console input.

Things You'll Need

  • Java Development Kit and Netbeans Bundle (see Resource)
  • Start a new project in NetBeans by clicking on its icon, selecting "File/New Project", and choosing "Java Applicatoin." A new Java project is created and a source code file appears in the NetBeans text editor. The source code file has a main function and little else.

  • Import the "Console" class by writing this line at the top of the source code file:


  • Create a new Console object by writing the following line of code between the curly brackets of the main function:

    Console c = System.console();

  • Declare a couple of strings, one for a user's name, and one for the user's password. You can accomplish this by writing the following:

    String userName, password;

  • Prompt the user to enter his or her user name using the following line of code:

    userName = c.readLine("Enter your user name and press enter: ");

  • Repeat the last step for the user's password, like this:

    password = c.readLine("Enter your password and press enter: ");

  • Run the program by pressing F6. The program will prompt you to enter a name. After you enter your name, it will ask you for a password. You can add more prompts if you would like. All you have to do is repeat the previous step and add more strings to hold the data.

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