How to Make the Hipster Triangles


One of the explanations for the equal-sided triangle trend among the group often referred to as "hipsters" is that it is the symbol for the band YACHT (sometimes spelled with a triangle instead of an "A.") The band formed in 2002 and as of 2011 are still performing. Many of the band's fans are hipsters, so they show the symbol as a sign of support. The equal-sided triangle, when pointing upward, can also be the alchemical symbol for fire or the symbol for water, when inverted. Learn how to make a hipster design with this popular shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Protractor
  • Marker
  • Scanner
  • Graphic editing program
  • Place a ruler across the middle of a piece of paper horizontally and draw a line lightly with a pencil across the top edge of the ruler. Make the line about 5 inches long. Keep the ruler in place and begin drawing a darker line from the 2 inch mark to the 3 inch mark.

  • Measure 60 degrees on a protractor from the left side of the darker line, upward and inward toward the top of the paper. Draw a line lightly with your pencil at this angle. Measure 1 inch on the angle and darken the line. Place the straight edge of the protractor or the ruler from the right end of the bottom line to meet the top of the left side and draw a dark line. Erase the lighter edges of the pencil lines.

  • Go over the lines of the triangle with a black fine-tip marker and fill it in. Let the ink dry and put the paper face-down in a scanner to scan the image onto your computer.

  • Open a simple graphic editing program such as Microsoft Paint, Apple Paintbrush or Paint.NET and open the triangle scan into the program.

  • Select the triangle with the selection tool in the program by clicking and dragging the selection box so that it surrounds the triangle. Right click or go to "Edit," "Copy" and then "Paste" to create a copy of the triangle in the same file.

  • Flip the copy of the triangle over vertically so that the new one is pointing down. Place it next to the first one so that the left side lines up with the right side. Copy this upside down triangle and place it on the other side of the first one.

  • Select the three triangles together with the selection tool and copy and paste to create three more triangles. Flip this copy over vertically and place it directly above the first set of three, so that there are six triangles in the design, with three in the top row and three in the bottom row.

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