Grieving the Loss of a Daughter


Coping with the loss of a beloved child is one of the most devastating, emotionally difficult and stressful experiences that parents can face. In these situations, the grieving process can take years, and often it never really seems to end. For parents who are suffering the loss of a daughter, it is important to take the appropriate measures to figure out how to cope with the intense feelings of sadness and keep moving on in life.

  • Allow yourself time to mourn and grieve. Grief can be overwhelming and cast a feeling of heaviness over your entire life. After experiencing the loss of a daughter, permit yourself the time to grieve in peace. Do not rush yourself; allow yourself all of the time that you need. Vent all of your emotions --- whether you need to scream, cry or punch walls. Avoid suppressing your feelings and keeping them bottled up inside.

  • Discuss your daughter. It is very common for others around you to want to abstain from mentioning your daughter's name --- out of fear of upsetting you and making you feel pain. Realize that, in order to grieve your daughter, it might be necessary for you to talk about her to other people whom you trust, such as close friends and family members. Talk about everything from your most hilarious memories of her to her finest talents.

  • Communicate with her other parent. Whether you are still in a relationship with your daughter's other parent, it can be effective and therapeutic to communicate your feelings with him, if at all possible. Your daughter's other parent, after all, is the only person on the planet who might be able to understand exactly how you are feeling. Share your emotions with him --- whether it is depression, anger, confusion, fear, hate, shame or guilt.

  • Get professional counseling. Counseling sessions can be beneficial for helping grieving parents work through all of the tough emotions they may be experiencing. If you feel completely lost and are having difficulty in identifying your emotions and managing how you feel, seek the assistance and guidance of a trained professional.

  • Join a bereavement group. Support groups can be very helpful for parents coping with grief. These groups bring together people who are all going through similar experiences. If you express your feelings with other people who are in your exact same situation, it may make a world of difference in your grieving process. It will also help you to realize that you are not alone and that some people really do know how you feel, or at least close to it.

  • Take each day as it comes. When a parent suffers such a major loss, it can be extremely difficult to focus on the big picture and survive the situation. To grieve, concentrate on just one day at a time. Start out by just concentrating on getting through the minute. Thinking about "the rest of your life" after a big tragedy can seem overwhelming.

  • Take care of your body. Amid the loss of a daughter, it can seem impossible to think about your own personal needs. However, neglecting your body can only do you harm. Get sufficient rest at night. Eat normal meals. Eating and sleeping properly may seem next to impossible at this stage, but it is crucial to keep your body as healthy as possible during this time of extreme stress and change. Working out regularly may also help. Exercise can be beneficial in getting out your aggressions.

  • Keep yourself occupied. The busier and more occupied you are in life, the less your mind will be able to wander and beat yourself up over the loss of your daughter. Engage in some new activities --- whether it is swimming, gardening, learning a language or running. In the beginning of the grieving process, the key is letting time pass.

Tips & Warnings

  • Memorialize your daughter. Try to find ways to make some positives out of this situation. Think about charities and organizations that your daughter cared about, for example. Donate something (whether it is money or necessities) to her biggest causes and keep her spirit alive.


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