How to Input the Power Sign on a TI-30XA


The TI-30Xa is used for general math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry and biology. Manufactured by Texas Instruments, the scientific calculator can convert between fractions and decimals as well as degrees and radians. It does not have graphing capabilities. Similar models include the TI-30Xa Solar and the TI-36X Solar. To raise a number to a power on a TI-30Xa you will use the "y^x" button. In exponentiation, the number you are raising to the power is called the base, and the exponent is also known as the power.

  • Turn on the calculator and clear the screen by pressing the "ON/AC" button.

  • Type the base into the TI-30Xa. For example, for 3^4, press the "3" key.

  • Press the "y^x" button. It is above the division button and below the "OFF" button.

  • Enter the power. In the example, type "4."

  • Press the "=" sign to calculate the exponent.


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