How to Hide a Bunny in Your Dorm


Hiding a bunny in a dorm room might be worth the chance of getting caught. Many colleges and universities do not allow animals in the dorm areas. When deciding to keep a rabbit in a room, there are special precautions to take. Keep in mind that you cannot always trust others to keep your secret. If choosing to break the rules of the dorm, be prepared to pay the consequences if someone tattles or the monitors discover your secret.

Things You'll Need

  • Large cage
  • Cover
  • Bunny toys
  • Cedar shavings
  • Watering bottle
  • Food bowl
  • Prepare a large space in the rear of the room for a cage. Hiding the bunny will require that he not be clearly visible from the door of the room. Empty a large space in the rear of the room, possibly behind a bed or desk.

  • Use a large or extra large cage for the rabbit. Rabbits need room to move and exercise. Since the rabbit will not be allowed to run free through the dorm for fear of detection, he will need a large cage to permit plenty of movement while the owner is away.

  • Place a cover over the cage when someone comes to the door. A simple cotton sheet can hide the bunny from others in the room. The bunny will actually enjoy this from time to time, as it gives him security and a dark place.

  • Clean the cage daily. A smelly cage will give away the bunny in a dorm room. Cover the cage with cedar shavings to hide the smell between cleanings.

  • Feed and water the rabbit regularly. Besides the health factor, a hungry or thirsty bunny will rattle the cage and create noise.

  • Give the bunny plenty of chew toys. Occupying the bunny will keep him from chewing through the cage and escaping. This also keeps his teeth from overgrowing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Select a breed of bunny that stays relatively small. Larger rabbits need larger areas.
  • If the rabbit escapes, search for him immediately. An open environment is dangerous for a rabbit.

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