How to Write a Letter to Your Parents About Getting a Belly Piercing


Many teenagers find a belly piercing to be attractive and stylish. As a teenager, it can be difficult for you to obtain a belly piercing if your parents are against it. A good way to express your feelings to your parents is through writing. A letter explaining exactly why you would like to have a belly piercing can be a good way to persuade your parents to agree with your decision.

  • Begin writing by stating the reason for this letter. For example, "I want to let you know that I am very interested in getting a belly piercing."

  • Write why you are interested in piercing your belly button. For example, "I find belly piercings to be very beautiful."

  • State that you will be completely safe when piercing your belly. For example, "I will be going to a salon that is extremely clean and uses all sterile instruments."

  • Write that it is extremely important to you to have your parents' permission. For example, "I would really appreciate your permission to obtain a belly piercing. Please think about it and let me know."

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to address any concerns you know your parents may already harbor against belly piercings.
  • Do your research about safety procedures regarding such piercings beforehand to show how committed and responsible you are being about the piercing.
  • Be prepared to answer any questions or arguments they put up against the piercing with your own researched and convincing argument, remembering to maintain an adult and calm demeanor throughout.


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