How to Photoshop a 6-Pack


Celebrities in Hollywood may be quick to rip off their shirts to reveal their "six-pack" abdominals, but for the majority of people without personal trainers and nutritionists on call, transforming the body this way is a major effort. For a much quicker way to get a six-pack without diet or exercise, turn to Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop's specialty "burn" tool helps you "burn off" flab, or just add the contours required for the look you want. While the transformation occurs only on-screen, Photoshopping a six-pack may serve as inspiration to hit the gym.

  • Open Photoshop, click the File menu and select Open. Browse your pictures to find the one to which you want to add the six-pack and double-click the image name.

  • Click the "Ctrl" and "+" keys together to zoom in so the person's torso takes up the majority of the Photoshop workspace.

  • Click the burn tool located in the middle of the Tools column. The icon for the tool looks like a hand making a circle. If you do not see the tool, right-click an icon resembling a black lollipop, known as the dodge tool, or the one that looks like a sponge, called the Sponge Tool, and select the burn tool from the fly-out menu.

  • Pull down the burn head sizer from the toolbar at the top of the screen. The tool is not labeled, but is the second from the left and has a small number on it. Choose the round fuzzy brush head.

  • Slide the size bar to 10. Hover the cursor over the torso to determine whether the size of the burn head is appropriate for the photo you're adjusting. This will depend on how close up the picture is. You'll need to make three lines on each side of the torso, so adjust the size bar as necessary.

  • Hover the cursor over the top-right of the person's belly button. Click and drag the cursor to the right while holding down the left mouse button to start the muscle addition. Drag the cursor back and forth to increase the depth of the six-pack musculature. The more times you drag the cursor over the same line, the deeper it becomes.

  • Repeat the process to make a line on the top-left of the person's belly button, dragging to the left and up to the side of the torso. Repeat to draw two more lines below each of the first, with a small bit of skin separating each line, resulting in a total of six lines, three on each side.

  • Click the View menu and select Fit on Screen to see the six-pack in a realistic size rather than blown up.

  • Click the File menu and select Save As. Type a new name for the image and click the Save button.

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