How to Cut Strawberries Into Hearts


Pretty up your Valentine's day desserts or just add an extra dash of love to a lunchbox or regular meal when you add a strawberry heart garnish. While some garnishes require fancy knife-work, strawberry hearts need only an extra slice or two beyond the usual cutting to refine their natural shape into delicate hearts. Use whole, fresh berries, not frozen or thawed, for best results.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife
  • Choose strawberries with single pointed tips for the best heart shapes.

  • Wash strawberries thoroughly and pat dry.

  • Cut a V-shaped piece from the top of the berry to remove the hull and greens and to start to shape the berry into a heart.

  • Slice the strawberry at least in half from top to tip or into thinner multiples slices per berry as desired. You will end up with delicate heart-shaped strawberry slices.

  • Trim the berries with the tip of a sharp knife if desired to refine the heart shape.

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