How to Write a Rebuttal Letter to SSI

Writing a rebuttal letter to the SSI might seem stressful, but you can win.
Writing a rebuttal letter to the SSI might seem stressful, but you can win. (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

SSI refers to Supplemental Security Income, a branch of the Social Security Administration which provides monthly income to people who are 65 and older, blind or disabled. Qualifying for this extra support requires that you apply for the benefits, provide proof of your current income and your resources. If you meet the criteria and apply for the benefit and are wrongly turned down, you can respond with a rebuttal, forcing SSI to re-examine your case. You must have clear and logical reasons based on SSI rules and regulations that you can use to show the SSI why its decision was in error, though.

Type your address in four lines at the top left corner of the page. Skip a line and type the date. Skip another line and type the address of the SSI office you are writing to. Skip another line and write "RE:" followed by the topic of the letter you are refuting.

Skip another line and write "Dear" plus the name of the person who signed the letter you are responding to. Start your first paragraph by stating that you've received his letter and the date that you received. Explain you are writing to illuminate the inaccuracies or unfairness of the points he has made and of the reasons for his dismissal or rejection.

State each point that the SSI made in its letter in a separate paragraph. Explain clearly and professionally how it is inaccurate, unfair, untrue or misconstrued. Never make personal attacks on the recipient or on the quality of the thinking that led to the denial letter; instead, stick to the facts and just the facts. If the denial letter includes an improperly drawn conclusion, don't judge it, just provide the accurate conclusion and support it with documentation if possible.

State what you want and expect from SSI and how you wish it to correct the situation. Again, express this in a preofessional tone.

Close your letter by stating "Sincerely," followed by returns to allow for your signature. After entering your name, print and sign letter. Attach any documentation from your doctor, lawyer or therapist. Be certain to keep copies of everything you send, and mail the letter return receipt requested.

Tips & Warnings

  • The old saying about attracting more flies with honey than vinegar applies whenever writing to bureaucrats. Your letter's tone should be professional and should not include any negative characterizations of the recipient.
  • Bear in mind you must make your appeal within 60 days from the date of the letter that you are refuting. If you wait longer, the decision of SSI becomes final.

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