How to Check a Division Problem by Multiplying


Division problems can be difficult when you are still learning how to perfect the technique. One thing you must know to get good at division is whether you are working the problem correctly. This can be done by learning how to check your answers to see if they are correct. The answers to division problems (quotient) can be checked for accuracy by using multiplication.

  • Begin checking the answer by multiplying the quotient by the divisor. The divisor is the number that you are dividing by. Multiply each number on the top by each number on the bottom.

  • Write the answers to multiplying the top numbers by the bottom number's ones place under the multiplication problem. Write the answers to multiplying the top numbers by the bottom number's tens place below the answer for the one's place answer.

  • Add these two answers together. If there is any remainder, add the remainder to this sum. The final sum should be the exact same as the dividend from the original division problem. The dividend is the number that is being divided.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the remainder is expressed as a fraction, you will need to multiply the entire quotient by the divisor to get the dividend.


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