How to Unlock a Netgear WGR614 Router

The Netgear WGR614 wireless networking router supports wireless "G" and "B" signal transmission. In nearly every situation, use the security methods supported by your router in place for your wireless network, for best results. However, if you aren't worried about network leeches or hackers and don't have any private data in your network, it isn't always necessary to keep your router locked. If your WGR614 router is in a currently secured state, unlock it by going into the router setup application.


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      Open your Web browser and type "" in the address bar, click "Go," and then type in your WGR614's username and password. The default username and password are "admin" and "password."

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      Click on "Wireless Settings" in the "Setup Wizard" pane on the left side. The wireless network configuration menu will now open up.

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      Select "None" in the "Security Options" section of the page and then click "Apply." Your Netgear WGR614 router will now be unlocked. Log into your unlocked wireless network by selecting it from the wireless network list on your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • By unlocking your wireless router, anyone within signal range can access your network and "steal" your signal for their use, such as accessing the Internet if the service attaches to your network. Securing your network prevents this from happening. To avoid this, create a new password and configure the computers in your network to be recognized automatically by the wireless network with the instructions provided with the router, which prevents each computer from having to provide a password to log onto the network every time the computer boots up.
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