How to Cheer Up Your Wife


Even wives with the most upbeat and positive personalities have moments where they feel downtrodden. Whether dealing with life's external factors or simply battling the plain old blues, sometimes your wife will turn to you for support to help pick her up through a difficult time. Understanding how to successfully cheer up your wife can play an important role throughout your marriage as she looks to you to partner with her and help her through whatever challenging situation she is currently facing.

  • Listen. Simply offering your presence to your wife during a rough patch can speak volumes to her. Without judgment or critical analysis, give her an opportunity to express herself and divulge why she feels down. She will truly appreciate you providing her with a safe place for vulnerability.

  • Don't offer blanket solutions. Chances are your wife has already attempted to solve the issue internally before bringing it to your attention. Instead of rushing to discuss how you'd handle the problem, simply ask her "Are you okay?" and "Is there anything I can do to help you feel better?"

  • Take your wife on a date. Plan an evening of festivities for two, and take your wife out on the town. Not only will this give her an opportunity to boost her mood, it will also provide a chance for the two of you to reconnect as a couple.

  • Give her a day of pampering. Surprise your wife with a gift certificate to the local spa, or call ahead and coordinate the services for her. A day at the spa can provide a perfect solution when she feels stressed and depressed.

  • Express yourself. Let your wife know exactly what she means to you and how invaluable she is in your life. Validating her many strengths and achievements and her significance to you will help chase away her blues.

  • Provide professional options. Sometimes even your best efforts may not prove enough to help pull your wife out of her funk. When this happens, it's particularly critical to lend your unwavering support. Discuss the benefits of psychotherapy, and work with your wife to find a reputable and professional therapist to help her manage her depression.


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