How Do I Get Certified to Teach Bob Ross Methods of Painting?


American painter Bob Ross helped popularize the wet-on-wet painting technique through his "Joy of Painting" public television show beginning in 1982. The technique involves using oil paints layered while still wet, whereas traditional methods allow each layer to dry completely. Joining the thousands of certified Bob Ross instructors requires no teaching or professional painting experience. Attending a series of one-week seminars allows you to bill yourself as a certified Bob Ross painting instructor focusing on wildlife, landscape or floral subjects.

Instructor Seminars

  • To become a certified Bob Ross instructor, you must complete three levels of training in one of the areas of focus: wildlife, landscape or floral. The first week, Level I course work, teaches the basics of the Bob Ross technique. Ross's wet-on-wet style starts with a Magic White canvas, a thinned layer of paint to create the base. The oil paints applied on top of this base create a product with a non-traditional look. The Level II courses help students learn to teach others the technique. The final course level gives students information about logistics such as setting up courses and marketing the class as well as advanced painting approaches. Completion of a Level III class leads to certification as an official instructor and the ability to use the Bob Ross name.


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