How to Check Your Golden Ratio

How do you measure up to the golden ratio of beauty?
How do you measure up to the golden ratio of beauty? (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

The golden ratio is part of the concept that humans perceive others to be beautiful when their appearance is symmetrical. The more symmetrical someone's face, is the more beautiful society will believe he is. No face perfectly matches the ratio. The ratio provides a mathematical means of analyzing beauty. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it just may be in your calculator.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera
  • Friend
  • Black permanent marker

Measuring Up

Have your friend ready to take your photo. Look directly at the camera. Be sure that you are looking straight ahead, not to the right or left. Align your index fingers with the holes in your ears. Visualize an imaginary line extending from one finger to the other. Tilt your head up or down until your irises line up with the imaginary line. Let your friend help by telling you when you are lined up. Relax your face. Do not smile. Rest your back teeth on top of each other. Once you are lined up, have your friend take the picture.

Print the photo as a 5-by-7 or an 8-by-10. Draw a straight, black line to connect your pupils on the photo. This is your pupil line. Draw a straight, black line connecting the left and right corners of your mouth. This is your lip line. Use your ruler to find the center of your pupil line. Mark with a dot. Use your ruler to find the center of your lip line. Mark with a dot. Use the ruler as a straight edge and connect the dots on your pupil line and lip line. This is your facial vertical line.

Get your copy of the mask and go to the copy machine. Enlarge or reduce the mask until the facial vertical line on the mask is the same as the facial vertical line on your photo. Copy the mask with the same size facial vertical line as your photo onto a sheet of acetate.

Place the acetate copy of the mask over your photo. Line up the pupil line, lip line, and facial vertical line with your photo. The closer the lines on your photo are to the lines on the mask, the closer you are to the golden ratio.

Tips & Warnings

  • It's easier to use a digital camera for this activity. You are able to see the photos before you print.

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