How to Drop a Dockable Dialog in GIMP


GIMP's dialog menus arrange related tools and settings into compact menus. You can find a wide array of dialogs in GIMP, ranging from collections of color palettes and brushes to groupings of layer and channel options. But to avoid having several floating dialog menus cluttering up your work area, you can dock any of GIMP's dockable dialog menus to one of the much larger "Dock" windows.

  • Launch GIMP. Click on the GIMP's "Windows" heading. Highlight the "Dockable Dialogs" option in the Windows menu. Select the type of dialog you'd like to dock. Click on the dialog in the "Dockable Dialogs" menu.

  • Click on "Configure this tab" option -- the arrow icon -- in the dialog menu you'd like to dock. Uncheck the "Lock tab to dock" option in the pop-up menu that appears -- this option has to be deselected for both docked and un-docked dialogs.

  • Move your cursor over the dialog menu's title area. For example, if you are working with the Paintbrush dialog, you move your cursor over the "Paintbrush" heading. Your cursor should turn into a hand icon when it hovers over the title.

  • Drag the dialog menu over to a blank section of the desired dock. Return to the dialog menu's "Configure this tab" button. Check the "Lock tab to dock" option in the pop-up menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are missing some of your docks, you can use the Windows menu to enable them. Highlight the "Recently Closed Docks" option in the Windows menu. Select the missing dock from the Recently Closed Docks menu.

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