Pessary Removal


A pessary is a small plastic device that is inserted into the vagina to help support the organs such as the uterus, bladder and rectum. It is most commonly used in women with a prolapsed vagina or uterus. It is also used in women who suffer from stress incontinence, the leaking of urine when coughing or exercising. Since vaginas can vary in size, a pessary is often fitted by a doctor. When removing a pessary, great care must be taken.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling the pessary or the vaginal region.

  • Find the rim of the pessary, which will be located just under the pubic bone. Find the notch in the rim and hook your finger up and over it.

  • Tilt the pessary at a 30 degree angle with your finger. Pull it slowly out of the vagina by pulling down and out.

  • Fold the pessary as you pull it out as it makes for easier removal. Use your muscles as if you're having a bowel movement to help guide the pessary out.

  • Clean the pessary with soap and water thoroughly before putting it away.


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